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Transform Your Life with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Studies have shown, balanced hormones are necessary for good health and disease prevention for both women and men as we age. We begin to see a decline in our hormone levels during our mid-20s, and by our mid-30s the symptoms of hormonal imbalance are usually evident. These unwanted symptoms only get worse as we age, and the increasing hormonal imbalance can contribute to many health issues. Advanced hormone optimization can help restore youthful vigor as well as decrease the risk of many age-related illnesses. You can schedule a consultation with IVme to find out if hormone optimization therapy is right for you. IVme co-founders Dr. Jack Dybis and Gina Werner, RN, are BioTE Certified Practitioners and have proven track records for helping people achieve outstanding results with personalized treatment plans.

• Promotes leaner body mass and composition
• Enhances memory and sharpens cognitive function
• Restores libido and sexual performance
• Increases overall well-being and quality of life
• Decreases the risk of many age-related illnesses
• Prevents symptoms of menopause

Popular with
• Men and women over 40 years of age wishing to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle

  • “Amazing!!! The staff works incredibly hard to make sure you feel as well as they do!!!”

    Nancy E.
  • “I’ve had the stomach flu for 3 days. Definitely thankful for this place — probably avoided an ER visit for dehydration. I hope I never have the stomach flu again… But if I do, 10/10 would come back here for treatment.”

    Marina K.
  • “Amazing place! Super professional and clean! Great staff and pricing. I go twice a month for recovery and performance after brutal set of workouts. I have never been disappointed.”

    Katie O.
  • “Top notch service. This place is a game changer whether you are feeling sick, dehydrated, worn down from work or travel, or you just drank too many wine coolers the previous night 😉 Highly recommend the Super B shot and the Myers’ cocktail!”

    Justin M.

  • “The staff was amazing and the UVLRX + Vitamin IV treatment left me feeling the best I have felt in a long time! Thank you to everyone at IVMe Chicago!”

    Bill K.



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