Keeping the greatest game hydrated


It’s a sunny, blue-sky day in July—a perfect day for a round of golf. You and three of your friends head to the greens and spend half the day walking the course. You’ve had a few cold ones and got in a good sweat in the 90-degree sun.

Your day of golf will most likely end in one of two ways: you properly rehydrate and refuel with a balanced meal or you have a few more beers and a burger at the clubhouse. Does the latter sound all too familiar?

There’s no harm in having a few drinks and a burger with your buddies after a game of golf, but if you don’t properly hydrate before and after hitting the links, it can cause increased muscle soreness, fatigue, poor performance and a hangover if alcohol is involved. A simple solution to avoid these effects of dehydration is getting an IV treatment before or after you play.

“Our IV treatments are good for all types of golfers,” said Joe Locasto, clinical manager and paramedic director for IVme in Chicago. “We’ve set up mobile clinics during annual tournaments at golf clubs across the Chicagoland area, such as the Beverly Country Club and White Eagle Country Club. We’ve also arranged on-site treatments for smaller group outings.”

Packed with vitamins, pain relievers and a saline solution, IV treatments deliver exactly what your body needs to relieve soreness and “refill the tank” after walking nearly four miles of fairways and swinging your irons. Because an IV treatment delivers fluids directly into the bloodstream, you’re rapidly replenishing the electrolytes and vitamins you’ve lost in your sweat.

“We see a lot of golfers who tell us they feel more energized after an IV treatment,” Joe said. “In fact, these guys have won their tournaments each time they’ve gotten an IV! Am I saying the IV is the reason they won? No, I can’t prove that. But, I’m sure it helped keep them playing at their best.”

Whether using an IV treatment before golfing to enhance your performance or after golfing to refuel and replenish your body, you can take comfort in knowing you’ll always get exactly what and how much you need. IVme only hires medical professionals to administer IVs. Joe, for example, was an IV specialist at Lurie Hospital before coming to IVme and has been a paramedic for 18 years.

Joe oversees all off-site IV treatments, so if you’re interested in setting up a mobile clinic at your annual tournament or a private session for your group of friends or family, please contact him at A 48-hour notice is preferred for private group appointments.


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